Grey Dragon k.s. was founded three years ago with the idea of passing on our know-how from many years of consulting work to aspiring and innovative entrepreneurs within our growing network. In doing so, we incorporate the experience gained from our activities in the field of restructuring and reorganization of existing companies into the development of marketing and sales strategies.

We are convinced that a good interaction between marketing and sales contributes significantly to the success of a company. Experience shows that this is rarely the case.

From our perspective, marketing has only one goal:

Qualitative, digital lead generation, where the lead is with his needs.

Here in Bratislava, we have excellent business fundamentals. Many young start-ups are working on AI and AR technologies and many other important topics for the future.

Our very good connections to Krakow, Poland, enrich our network. There, too, an above-average number of start-ups find good framework conditions for their development. Today we support selected clients in strategy development and implementation up to sales training. Since we strive to generate a win-win situation for our partners and ourselves, we only take on assignments that we believe in ourselves.

Wir möchten nicht alles gleich machen – unsere Lösungen sollen differenzieren. Wir denken nicht in Schubladen, sondern stellen viele Fragen, um unsere Kunden zu verstehen. Wir betrachten uns und unsere Arbeit sehr selbstkritisch und entwickeln uns kontinuierlich weiter. Unser Blick gilt ausschließlich Erfolgen und unternehmerischen Zielen.

Whether Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland or Slovakia, in each of these countries we have already been able to gain experience and to contribute and develop our knowledge.